Team Lead

I'm a Team Lead at 24/7 Software with a strong background in Computer Science. I'm most interested in web application development, particularly in cutting-edge JavaScript.

My passion is to develop and guiding teams to architect web application that uses the latest and greatest web technologies. I'm well versed in all web standards, ES6+, NodeJS and leaning towards the programming aspects of web development.

I'm passionate about writing clean, efficient code and maintaining modern standards and security. I spend most of my time with React, Laravel, Node, Database, Optimizations and AWS Services.


  • Architected enterprise product and developed it from scratch
  • Developed scheduler and event driven architecture and implemented it at scale
  • ES6+/ES2015+
  • React/Redux
  • Laravel
  • API Gateway: Kong, Amazon API Gateway
  • Code reviewing
  • Mentorship
  • Interviewing/hiring
  • Frontend DevOps (NPM/Webpack/etc)
  • AWS Services (EC2/Lambda/S3/ELB/CDN/API Gateway/etc)
  • Optimization techniques (backend, frontend and perceived/actual rendering speed)
  • Localization/I18N principles
  • A11Y principles
  • OSS Contributer

Technical Skills

  • JavaScript(ES6+), Crons, Shell scripting
  • Frontend - ReactJS, Webpack, ExtJS (Sencha), HTML, CSS
  • Backend - NodeJS, PHP
  • Database - MySQL, AuroraDB, MongoDB
  • Framework - Lumen, Laravel, Express, Serverless
  • Liberiers -, socket-cluster
  • Concepts - GraphQL, RESTful API Design/Integration, MVC architecture, CI/CD, Agile, Service Oriented Architecture, Microservice Architecture
  • Web Server - Nginx
  • AWS Services -

    • EC2 setup with AMI, Security groups
    • S3 and CDN
    • VPC
    • Lambda setup
    • RDS AuroraDB setup, parameter group
    • ElastiCache (redis),
    • AWS CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline
    • AWS System Manager
    • AWS Cloudwatch
    • Amazon API gateway
    • AWS SQS and SNS
  • OS: MacOS, ubuntu, ubuntu-server, centos
  • Tools/Environment - VSCode, Git, Webpack, Chrome DevTools, Jira, ZSH-shell


Team Lead

24/7 Software - 2014 - Present | Pune, IN

2014 - 2015

  • Developed the application features as per software requirement
  • Created new ExtJS plugins and contributed to OSS
  • Analysis of user’s requirement according to functional requirement of various security department of industry
  • Maintain the monolithic application

2015 - 2016

  • Took ownership of optimizing the fronend javascript
  • Developed an API to be able to access platform
  • Implemented various security aspects in the application
  • Implemented real-time grid using Express
  • Implemented database-level encryption

2016 - 2017

  • Took ownership of optimizing the backend (MySQL and business logic)
  • R&D of system architecture (Microservice architecture, API architecture, etc.)
  • R&D of new platform according to the new requirement
  • Support for monolith application

2018 - 2019

  • R&D and implementation of real-time forms (like google docs)
  • R&D and implemented S3 with CDN
  • R&D and implementation of serverless framework using AWS Lambda
  • R&D and implementation of API Gateway (Amazon API Gateway, Kong, Express, etc.)
  • R&D and implementation of PHP frameworks
  • R&D of NodeJS frameworks
  • R&D of Excel reports
  • R&D of PDF reports
  • R&D on AWS System Manager
  • Setup development and staging enviornment on AWS
  • Setup CI-CD (travis) for development team
  • Setup github workflow and development processes
  • Setup react and API standards

2019 - 2020

  • Impletemented API gateway in cluster
  • R&D on socket cluster
  • Implemented queue system (AWS SQS)
  • R&D and implementation of AWS SNS
  • Established company conventions/standards and documented development processes
  • Worked with design team to create beautiful user interfaces and intuitive user experiences
  • Architect the product and complex problem solutions


  • Certified in JavaScript by BrainBench


Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Computer Engineering with 61% aggregate
Pune University - 2010 - 2014 | Pune, India


  • In-house seminar on Cryptography
  • In-house seminar on Frontend Optimization
  • In-house seminar on NodeJS
  • In-house seminar on AWS Cloudwatch

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