Handy Tools and APIs

Handy Tools and APIs

Application Testing using Mock API

If you need a test server that accepts the request for basic information via HTTP GET and also allow you to POST` then you can try Httpbin. It is fantastic utility that can be used to test your frontend application.

Use Case

  • Test nginx and proxy server
  • Test frontend application
  • If you want to check request headers or response header then this service can easily send those in response

Random API

If you want to create POC with random data then you can use random joke API. Detailed documentation is available on icndb api

Generate Fake Data

If you would like to list random data in the dropdown or grid then this is data generation tool

Fake Mail Generator

No explanation needed here 😉 Fake Mail Generator

Share Files

If you want to share files but don't want to upload to unsecured sites then firefox team developed handy tool to share private files with encrypted data. Here you go.

Serve Raw files from CDN

If you need CDN service for temporary serving the files then you can use rawgit service. Not recommended on production.

Find Every package on CDN

If you are lazy and don't want to download packages from npm and use ready made link(CDN) then unpkg is awesome tool.

Command Line HTTPie client

If you are overwhelmed with curl and it’s parameter then you should give it try to HTTPie. It got multiple feature like, JSON support, syntax highlighting, wget-like download, etc.

Get key code

Simple but useful. Link

Powered bi github git.io

JSON Store

If you've ever needed a quick place to store a configuration file or some data for your client side models, Myjson can be of service to you. Simply copy and paste your JSON data into the main input window, then access your data through the provided URI.

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